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Job Safety Analysis

Every task or job starts with a good, detailed Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

The JSA should include steps of sequence which the proposed task or job entails, potential hazards that may be involved with each step of the assigned task or job and recommended steps to avoid and/or overcome each “potential hazard” - safe job procedures.

One of the most important elements in developing any HSE Program and in turn each JSA is the involvement of all workers capable of identifying apparent and potential hazard in such development. Every job creates the potential for an accident or incident to occur. A proper and thorough JSA assists to plan ahead and brings caution to eliminate potential hazards from occurring. The JSA creates the protective measures and procedures which are to be followed closely in the administration of each task or job. Safe procedures are developed and designed by the customer’s workers in the field with the input of our Captains. With the proper culture, we create a safe “plan to work.” If we can’t “work our plan” due to the development of a potential hazard, we “Stop the Job!”