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Stop Work Authority

Once upon a time, the theme in the oil and gas industry was “You do it or we’ll get somebody else.” If that individual (who was forced to work in unsafe conditions) got injured he was considered incompetent. We have installed “Stop the Job” procedures which are followed by each of our trained employees and supported by upper management to this day. Long gone is yielding to threats of being forced to work in a culture which promotes an unsafe attitude or provides a threatening environment. It’s imperative that we have a pre-job safety meeting and that we complete and review a thorough Job Safety Analysis - Plan our Work, Work our Plan. When circumstances and events altar the plan to a point where potential hazards appear in our process and our plan is no longer taking place under safe conditions, the “Job must be Stopped” immediately and can be stopped by anyone involved! A temporary halt and re-evaluation of the situation must take place by all involved under the circumstances. If the potential hazard is too much to overcome, the job is stopped and another solution is developed to get the job done.