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Grey Cup

  • Size:
    180 FT x 30 FT
  • Year built:
  • DP:
  • Clear deck:
    120 FT x 26 FT
  • Berths:
  • Liquid mud:
  • Dry bulk (cubic feet):
  • Passengers:
  • Water:
    62,000 Gallons
  • Fuel:
    33,980 Gallons
  • Methanol:
  • Beam Category:
  • EEP Certification:
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C & G is committed to being the safest, efficient and most reliable marine transportation operator in the industry.

Our crews and their support staff are the very best trained in the industry and continue to receive instructional training according to their respective positions on our vessels. C & G’s factory certified professional mechanics and its fully trained and certified support of captains and crews assure that C & G continues its mission to provide safe, reliable and efficient marine transportation to its customers.

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